Kara Hartrich

A message to Tia Torres – by Roxanne Hartrich

Dear Tia Torres, On January 17th 2014 my daughter Kara was attacked and brutally mauled to death on her 4th birthday by the very dog we purchased for her at x-mas the year before. She thought that dog hung the moon, she had tea parties with him, he would sleep […]

Hounded: Written by Jeff Borchardt 106

Hounded By Jeff Borchardt The Kübler-Ross model, I guess there’s really no way to describe grief. The pain that goes with it. The emptiness. That lump in your throat that won’t go away. I have actually prayed to God that a comet would slam into the Earth and end it […]

Kara Hartrich (1/17/14) DBRF #3

                          Written by Roxanne Miller Hartrich (Kara’s mother)  17 years after my oldest son Tyler was born my husband and I got the news that I never thought I’d hear again: my Gyno had told me I had “unexplained infertility”…I […]