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7/21/14 – Washington County, WI – Dennis Williams saves his neighbor from 3 attacking pit bulls

Neighbor saves man being attacked by three dogs By Katie Crowther. CREATED Jul 21, 2014 WASHINGTON COUNTY – A man was severely injured in a gruesome dog attack in Washington County.  It was a stranger who jumped in to help save his life. The victim was walking his dog when three Pit […]

7/19/14 – Four year old Logan Shepard mauled to death by pit bulls

Boy mauled to death by two pit bulls Tammie Fields, WTSP6:35 a.m. EDT July 20, 2014 4-year-old mauled to death by two pit bulls Riverview, Florida – The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case where a young boy died after being attacked by two pit bulls. The sheriff’s […]

The Cincinnati Vortex – Zainabou Drame – attacked by two pit bulls while playing in a neighbor’s yard 1

Thursday, July 17, 2014 The Cincinnati Vortex     On June 4th, 6-year old Zainabou Drame was attacked by two pit bulls while playing in a neighbor’s yard. In the six weeks since the attack pit bulls and Breed Specific Legislation have resurfaced as contentious issues in the news and in Council […]

Toddler mauled by pit bull in Commerce City

Dog dies after being caught by animal control TheDenverChannel.com Team 9:02 PM, Jul 13, 2014 7:59 AM, Jul 14, 2014 COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – A toddler was bitten and seriously injured after he was mauled by a pit bull Sunday evening. The incident happened at approximately 7:30 p.m., in Commerce […]

Do Coconuts Kill More People Than Pit Bulls?

A STRAIGHT DOPE CLASSIC FROM CECIL’S STOREHOUSE OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE Are 150 people killed each year by falling coconuts? July 19, 2002 Dear Cecil: During a recent ABC television report about how infrequent shark attacks really are, we were told, “Each year coconuts falling from trees kill 150 people.” That […]

Pat Dunaway – Taking on “No Kill” and Nathan Winograd 1

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2012 WILL THE REAL PAT DUNAWAY PLEASE STAND UP As of late, I have acquired some obsessed stalkers. Blogs were posted, conversations on a conspiracy to discredit me, pictures of unknown persons with claims of them being Pat Dunaway. Pictures that were not very flattering, I might […]

Is an American bulldog a pit bull? 12

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2014 Is an american bulldog a pit bull? fuzupf and fuzzy logic fuzupf’s panties are in a bunch because someone in missouri called an american bulldog a pit bull. according to fuzupf “if they can say an ambull is a pit bull than a: malinois is a GSD, […]

How many other animals did pit bulls kill last year?

How many other animals did pit bulls kill last year? MARCH 22, 2014 BY MERRITT CLIFTON Pit bulls killed 99% Pit bulls appear to have inflicted not less than 95% of the total fatal attacks on other animals (43,000).  Altogether,  pit bulls inflicted 96% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (11,520);  […]

Couple’s life forever altered after two pit bulls kill toddler

Couple’s life forever altered after two pit bulls kill toddler While Jeff Borchardt was at work on March 6, 2013, a close family friend who babysat his son, Daxton, dressed the 14-month old and put on his jacket and hat. Even though the two pit bulls the babysitter raised from […]