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Daxton’s Friends serves as a resource for legislators and legislation bodies addressing canine related public safety. Our goal is to support the implementation of tools to ensure healthy canine ownership and public safety.

Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education & Awareness is run entirely by volunteers who are not compensated for their services. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts today. Click here to visit our new on-line store!

Raising awareness is now easier than ever! Start your own grassroots effort by downloading and printing your own fliers to hand out in your communities. Simply click underneath your choice of flier and save the PDF file to a flash drive or your smartphone, take that file down to your local print shop (Kinkos, Office Depot, etc) and run off as many as you wish!


Click here to download flier (front)


Click here to download flier (back)


Daxton’s Friends 2014 flier (front)


Click here to download/print this flier

6x6_Ad4 copy

Click here to download/print this flier

Fliers front web version

Daxton’s Friends 2013 flier (Front)

Click here to download this flier

2013 fatalities flier

2013 Dog Bite Related Fatalities (back)

Click here to download this flier

flier back breeds web version

Potentially dangerous dog breeds (back)

Click here to download this flier

Places our volunteers have left fliers!


William Johnson‎ to The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed

Every copy of this book available at a certain suburban Philadelphia Barnes & Noble now comes with Daxton’s Friends flyer free of charge.


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6 thoughts on “Print Your Own Fliers

  • bnky

    What a great idea to put those in the books. I will download and print to spread the word where I live..
    One of the hot spots for the worlds worst breed.
    South Los Angeles.
    There are tons of them there.
    This is for the innocents. It’s gotta stop.
    #BSL NOW
    RIP Daxton

  • Bsl Works

    SMART OWNERS GUIDE to Owning Pit Bulls?
    Step 1. Don’t get a Pit Bull.
    Step 2. If you are dumb enough to get one.. Neuter or Spay immediately…
    Step 3. When it shows ANY aggression? Give it a dirt nap.
    Step 4. Get a non-vicious human friendly dog… Anything but a Pit Bull. Please?? BE SMART.

  • Charlotte

    My neighborhood is seeing an increase of ‘lost pit’ posters and I wanted to put my own poster above them, now I can do that. Thank you.

  • Lori

    Thank you. I often wished to have something to hand out to people who doubt my conversational statistics. However, you know, a real FOAMER will still argue every death, every statistic, and ever breed identification. I will print these up and keep them in my truck to grab every time I get into a conversation with someone who needs to know this stuff.