Betty Wood – 78-years old – Killed by her pet Rottweiler in Sulphur Springs, TX (3/12/15)

Elderly Sulphur Springs woman dies after dog mauling

By Ashley Slayton – 3/13/15

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) –An elderly Sulphur Springs woman was mauled to death by her pet Rottweiler on Thursday night, police say.

Betty Wood, 78, was killed during the attack at her home in the 1000 block of north Davis Street.

According to Police Chief Jay Sanders, the department received a call about 7 p.m. of a possible deceased person. The woman’s daughter, who lives next door, went to check on her mother and found Wood’s body. Wood lived alone in the home.

“It was really bad,” Sanders said. “Just a terrible situation. It really was.”

The department was able to determine through an initial investigation that she was killed by the family pet, which she had owned for about five years. A medical examiner confirmed the findings.

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Rottweiler Mauls 78-Year-Old Woman to Death in Sulphur Springs

Posted By Staff – [email protected] – 3/13/15

The woman’s body was turned over to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Dallas, and a report was returned at around noon Friday. Medical officials confirmed Wood had been killed by the dog.

While awaiting the report, the dog was turned over to police by family members and quarantined. Officials euthanized the dog after the official report was in hand.

The rottweiler had been a family pet for years, and what triggered the dog to attack is unknown, said Sanders.

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2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Texas Woman Mauled to Death by Pet Rottweiler reports

Rottweiler Kills Owner
Sulphur Springs, TX – An elderly woman was mauled to death by her pet rottweiler on Thursday night, according to Sulphur Springs police. Betty Wood, 78-years old, was attacked and killed by the dog in her home in the 1400 block of North Davis Street. Police Chief Jay Sanders said his department responded to a call of a possible deceased person about 7 pm. The woman’s daughter, who lives next-door, discovered her mother’s body. Wood lived alone in the home.

“It was really bad. Just a terrible situation.” – Police Chief Jay Sanders

Through an initial investigation, his department determined that she was killed by her own dog, which she had owned for about 5-years. The Medical Examiner’s Office in Dallas confirmed their findings. Sanders told KLTV News, “I’ve been doing this 30 years and that scene was about as gruesome as I’ve ever seen.” The family rottweiler was initially quarantined then euthanized on Friday. The Texas Rangers assisted the Sulphur Springs Police Department with the case.

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Betty Wood

78-years old | Sulphur Springs, TX

Betty Wood, 78-years old, was brutally mauled to death by her pet rottweiler. Sulphur Springs Police Chief Jay Sanders said dispatchers received a call about 7 pm about a possible deceased person at a home on North Davis Street. The daughter of the victim, who lives next-door, went to check on her mother and discovered her dead on the floor of her home. Wood lived alone in her home. Sanders said the daughter trapped the animal in the back room until first responders arrived on scene. Sanders told KLTV, “I’ve been doing this 30 years and that scene was about as gruesome as I’ve ever seen.” Police determined though an initial investigation that the pet rottweiler attacked and killed Wood. The medical examiner’s office in Dallas confirmed their findings the next day. Wood had been killed by the dog. The victim had owned the rottweiler for about 5-years, according to police. The dog was surrendered by family members and euthanized the following day. Texas Rangers assisted in the death investigation. [source citations]

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Rott 1Rottweilers originate from Germany and are descendants of Mastiff-type dogs, sharing many of the traits and genetics of that canine lineage.  Most likely the Italian Mastiff was spread by the Roman legion as the army invaded Europe around AD 70. Rottweilers are one of the oldest herding and guard dogs and are thought to be descendants of ancient Roman drover dogs. They performed as excellent herders due to their eagerness to control and intimidate cattle. They were once referred to as “Rottweiler butchers’ dogs” because they often pulled carts with butchered meat to market in “Rottweiler”, which was a popular and important trade center. The Rottweiler population dramatically decreased when the railroads were built and the need for them diminished.  By WWI and WWI, the need for the Rottweiler increased due to their use as messengers, watchdogs, and guard dogs.

Rottweilers are loyal companions and take their role as guardian of their families very seriously. They are very willing and able to do what it takes to protect their family, even endure pain. They are considered confident, courageous, and brave.

Rottweilers are intelligent dogs with impressive guarding instincts. This breed requires regular exercise and work. Rottweilers enjoy regular exercise and love to engage in activities such as swimming, running, or playing games such as fetch.  A Rottweiler that is not properly exercised can become bored and destructive which leads to behavioral issues.

Rottweilers require intense and rigorous training from a very early age.  These canines need a physically strong, consistent leader or handler. Their size and power should always be taken into consideration in all situations and circumstances. Due to the delicate nature of interactions with other animals, it is not recommended that Rottweilers participate in dog play groups or dog parks. They need a secure fenced yard. Invisible fencing is not appropriate or dependable to protect the dog as well as children and other animals that may wander onto the premises. Proper fencing is not only to protect the dog, but for the public due to the Rottweiler’s intense guarding instinct.  They can also be trained to accept visitors eagerly; however, if they sense anything out of the ordinary, interactions can quickly escalate to aggression. A slow and gentle introduction to strangers is a highly recommended as a safety precaution. Despite all the positive qualities Rottweilers possess, they can be difficult to own and may not work well as family pets, especially if there are small children in the household.

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In North America from 1982-2014, Rottweilers were responsible for 535 attacks on humans, resulting in 85 deaths. Rottweiler mixes were responsible for 30 attacks on humans, resulting in 4 deaths.