Tina McMillan, Fort Worth, TX – Pit Bull Victim Harassment 5

Tina McMillan, Fort Worth, Texas, works at Good Neighbors Animal Rescue, sent the following message to the father of one of sixteen children killed by pit bulls in 2013:

Tina McMillan
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Tina McMillan
“You are an idiot AND a pussy. The sight of my Akita would probably make you pee your pants. LOL
Maybe if your kid had been properly supervised he would still be alive.”
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  • Belletristic Assasin · Fort Worth, Texas
  • Thug, Professional Anarchist · Fort Worth, Texas

Link to Tina’s Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/cowgirltina

5 thoughts on “Tina McMillan, Fort Worth, TX – Pit Bull Victim Harassment

  • Lucy Chase

    That is one of the cruelest things I’ve ever read. Who says this to a grieving parent? Hopefully, the shoe never goes on the other foot and she loses someone dear to her or her precious Akita harms someone and she’s held legally and morally responsible.

  • Ophelia

    What kind of cruel, heartless person says something like that. Pit nutters are just…words can’t even describe them.

  • Robert Vahle

    WOW, Why would anybody write stuff like this? And she admits, she likes the fact her Akita intimidates people.

  • Ninja

    What an ugly, evil twerp. A blot on the female gender and on the human race.

    She was taunting a bereaved mother whose young son was mauled and killed by Pit Bulls at the beginning of 2016; a wonderful mother who is REFUSING to let her son pass into obscurity and who is sharing his story so that others might LIVE.

    That doesn’t go down too well with the Pit Bull owners and advocates, who resort to untold cruelties in order to try and bully these heartbroken parents into silent submission.

    No other dog in this world attracts such rotten, deviant, wicked scrotes as Pit Bulls’ do. Ugh.

  • Mary

    Maybe if this liberal idiot could read, she would know, not only was he well supervised but he was in the arms of his baby sitter. I wish these people would go back to school and learn basic reading, language and comprehension skills.

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