An Open Letter to Arianna Huffington Regarding the Promotion of Pit Bulls 5

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Dear Ms Huffington,

This is in response to “Pit Bull Week” at the Huffington Post (July 28 to August 3, 2014). We, the undersigned, represent the bereaved family members and survivors of canine attacks and our mandate is to educate the public on the objective facts about dangerous dogs and the public safety risk they present. Foremost amongst all dogs at high risk to human and animal safety are pit bull type dogs.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, our support and advocacy network is expanding quickly. For, as the pit bull trend grows, humans as well as family pets are being maimed and killed at a rapidly escalating rate by these breeds. This is precisely why we are urgently voicing our concerns about your publication’s efforts to promote pit bulls as desirable family pets.

To the casual observer, Huffington Post’s “Pit Bull Week” might have seemed like a heart-warming diversion. However, to the pit bull advocacy movement, the week-long feature will, no doubt, have been regarded as a glorious triumph.


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5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Arianna Huffington Regarding the Promotion of Pit Bulls

  • Land Shark

    Really poor taste by the HP and Nice timing to promote these monsters. Only two women killed this week and one had her arm ripped off by a Pit Bull. It seems to be the liberal media who is pushing more and more Pit Bulls as family pets. My local news station is doing the same thing even after a local child had her scalp ripped off by a Pit Bull..

  • merese

    Switch your HOME browser and email to Yahoo or Google. Huffington Post /aol is paid by advertisers who pay according to the number of users.. and they track the number of users electronically. GREED is the reason these dogs are being promoted. “nonprofits” make their monies off good intentions of dog lover and they pocket donations to take care of people, and they write their own salaries. Dog fighters, media advertisers, breeders and rescuers are all tied together in a big money making scheme. We put down a million unwanted overbred pitbulls and pitbull “advocacy” has done nothing in the decades they have promoted the breed. Pitbulls are still spayed and neutered the least and the public pays the bills through public health insurance programs to help victims. Vets are making a killing off the dogs that pitbulls mutilate as grieving dog owners slap down credit cards to try to save their mauled pets. Arrianan Huffington is a sell out to big money that has no ethics or integrity.

    • Land Shark

      I wonder what the Medical HealthCare Providers feel about promoting viscous dogs? The professionals are the ones who have to treat the victims who are often young children with faces ripped off by these Pit Bulls.

  • Lori Christiansen

    Your whole promotion of Pit Bulls and bully breeds in general as family pets is dangerous and misinformed. I love dogs, love animals in general, yet I know that a lion is not a good idea to have in my home. A retriever is bred to bring birds. A pointer is bred to stand at point. Pit Bulls have been bred for centuries to kill and maim and not stop.
    My life experiences have changed me forever, after watching and being unable to stop a Pit bull kill my 6 lb dog in April of 2014. It tore her in pieces, wagging it’s tail the whole time. It was silent, and jumped on my dog while she was in a playbow, inviting it to play with her. The police did nothing. 4 months later, the same dog killed, shredded and eviscerated my parents dog.Still nothing.I was lucky enough to see both events. Pit Bulls and bully breeds hold hostage the neighborhoods that they live in. The hold hostage the people and pets who live there. They ruin the everyday enjoyment that people get from walking their dogs, because it is NOT SAFE TO DO SO when there is a Pit present. I will never UN see those horrific events, and I cannot imagine my trauma if it had been a human.