Proposed Public Safety Canine Regulations 2

Daxton’s Friends has compiled a list of proposed public safety regulations and legislations regarding canines in the United States. It is difficult to track the proposed legislation in every municipality, county, parish, and state. We apologize for any that we missed and will include submissions from the public once our team has verified the information. Please click on the links to view the proposed legislation and the outcomes.
Daxton’s Friends believes that the public has the right to be informed about the public safety initiatives in their community.


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2 thoughts on “Proposed Public Safety Canine Regulations

  • Joanie

    The law that will be voted on shortly in Connecticut that would make it illegal for insurance companies to charge different rates for different dogs .. upping the rates of normal dog owners to subsidize the higher claims of pitbulls .. If you live in Connecticut speak out on this madness.

  • theyou show

    Sometimes I don’t get to read the longer articles and sometimes I am not sure I understand them either. However, I want to put my opinion here about canines etc. And it is simply this,

    One of the things that I most want to see is the HUGE, huge fines for those individuals or groups who let their pit bulls and other dangerous dogs loose on our streets. Public safety should be number one priorty , no matter where one lives. Another thing I would love to see is followup -to make sure they pay those huge fines. And once a dog gets loose, whether accidentally or on purpose , whether the dog -owner is at home or on vacation, that dog should be taken away immediately because they have proven that they can not control their dog. It takes only one time for a pit bull to get loose for any reasonable person to know that said owner is irresponsible regarding the care of his or her dog.