Wolf Hybrid 2

Wolf hybrid 2The Wolfdog was reclassified as a sub-species of wolf (canis lupus familiaris) around 1990.  We do not recommend wolves or wolf hybrids under any circumstance. Breeding a domestic animal to a wild animal will produce unpredictable results. Wolfdogs make an uneasy combination of wild animal and domestic traits that are hard to manage, maintain, or predict. What appears to be a domestic dog may become a wild animal very quickly. Natural instincts are often triggered by a person falling or the presence of small children. Many hybrids are wolves crossed with Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, or German Shepherds. Often these dogs are listed as mixes and the domestic dog breed listed as the primary breed.  Wolf Hybrids are considered highly dangerous and are illegal to own in many states.

Wolf hybrid 3

In North America from 1982-2015, Wolf Hybrids were responsible for 87 attacks on humans, which resulted in 19 fatalities.


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2 thoughts on “Wolf Hybrid

  • Bebop

    For anyone who still wants a wolfdog hybrid after having read this article, it’s much safer to look up official breeds like ‘saarloos wolfdog’ (SLW) and ‘tsechoslovakian wolfdog’ (TSW) than to buy a random and unpredictable wolfdog you can buy on the internet. Both breeds are the result of German shepherd dog and Eurasean wolf mixing but their behavior is quite different.

    TSW were selectively bred for 3-4 generations with German shepherd dogs until the individuals were finally suited as police and domestic dogs. These are very active, lively, social dogs with a 12-16 year lifespan. But beware: you have to walk, run or bike miles with them everyday (not just around the block) or they will find destructive ways to unleash their energy on your couch. It’s also best to have a second dog to keep him company because they get stressed when the entire pack leaves for work. And that’s just 6,25% wolf blood does. Imagine what so-called buyable ‘93% wolfdog hybrids’ can do.

    If the TSW doesn’t fit your lifestyle, the SLW might be something for you. Unlike the TSW, they are very independent, less demanding but also known for their shyness. Although they were bred for police work in the Netherlands, they were not suited for the job because they lacked aggressivity. But their cautiousness makes them perfect guide dogs for the blind.

    And then there’s the Tamascan dog, bred in Finland recently. Although it’s not a direct wolf crossbreed, they have a noticable lupine appearance. They are affectionate, friendly and gentle but ofcourse, just like the TSW, you need to do daily miles as they carry sled dog blood. Of the bunch, they are the easiest breed to work with and there’s an increasing interest in them.

  • Lynn Siegenthaler

    I totally agree with this assement, as only seven months ago I was very nearly killed in a viscous attack from this breed, the German Shepard mix, Who escaped from his harness and came straight at me for the kill,the dog at the time was angry as the owner was trying to take a tick out of its ear, I was in the wrong place wrong time as from afar the dog/wolf fixated it’s gaze on me, I did as was told became a tree, as there was also know where to run, but the dog had decided it wanted to kill and somehow escaped and rigged out of the harness. As this 60 kilo monster of teeth and anger came running towards me, it’s owners running after in the background, I knew it was bad, I was on the floor in seconds fighting for my life, and only after ripping out my forarm, giving the owners a chance to grab the dog properly securing enough time for me to run, did I realize the extent of my injuries. My life has been changed, my love of dogs gone, and the fear very very real. I truly believe dangerous dogs are uncontrollable weapons and need to be better regulated. Thank you for listening.
    Lynn dog Attack Survivor………