Pit bull previously deemed dangerous attacks and kills a neighbor’s miniature poodle in Shoreview, MN (4/7/15)

Dog Deemed ‘Dangerous’ Mauls Miniature Poodle In Front Of Owner

2015-04-09_14h59_18Kate Raddatz – 4/7/15

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Shoreview woman is mourning the loss of her dog.

The miniature poodle, named Freddie, was mauled by another dog while the two were out for a walk.

“He just was just the cutest little thing and so friendly,” said Chris Lund, Freddie’s owner.

According to a case report from Ramsey County, Lund was walking with Freddie across the street on March 30 when another dog, a pit bull, ran toward them. He grabbed Freddie in his mouth and shook him.

“I just started screaming like crazy so neighbors started coming out of the woodwork, like ‘What is going on?,’” Lund said.

According to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, the dog who attacked Freddie, named Oliver, had been deemed a “dangerous dog” by Minneapolis Animal Care and Control after a biting incident in Minneapolis in 2013.

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pit bull 3The American Pit Bull Terrier has a history and bloodline deep rooted in the blood sports of animal baiting and dogfighting. As with all breeds, they retain their original traits. They often to do not accept other animals, especially dogs, and can be extremely aggressive towards them. They may accept animals they are raised with, but have been known to kill other family pets even after years of living together happily.

Most APBT puppies get along fantastically with other animals, including dogs. Puppies often love to play with and have companionship with other animals. This often gives owners a false sense of security. As the APBT matures, their relationship with other animals can change drastically. Often dog aggression issues emerge from 1-3 years in age, but some dog’s exhibit aggression as early as 6 months of age. They often will actively seek out other dogs to engage in fighting with and have broken their collars, crashed through windows, and torn through fences to do so, and one recently leaped from an apartment 2nd story balcony, to get to a dog. They can get along with other dogs at times, but things can escalate quickly and they can attack suddenly and for no apparent reason. They often redirect onto humans who try to break up the fight14. Extreme caution should be used with all animal interactions and owners should never be completely comfortable. They can be unpredictable and a dog that plays nicely with dogs for years can suddenly change. Many owners have been shocked to see their beloved pet’s fighting instincts suddenly surface. It is highly recommended that the APBT is separated from other animals in the household when they cannot be supervised15. This is not a breed that is suitable for interactions at off leash dog parks16.

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How many other animals did pit bulls kill in 2014?


Pit bulls have been bred for centuries to attack other animals.


Fifty thousand dogs per year, including at least 34,250 pit bulls, attack other animals, according toANIMALS 24-7 analysis of dog attack data from 2013-2014.

Of the 82,000 animal victims per year, 59,000 die; 23,000 survive their injuries. Among the dead are 15,500 dogs, 95% of them attacked by pit bulls, and 6,000 hooved animals, 93% of them attacked by pit bulls.

Pit bulls also inflict at least 60% of the 29,000 fatal attacks on domestic birds and small mammals, and at least 60% of the 8,250 fatal attacks on cats. About a third of the fatal dog attacks on domestic birds, small mammals, and cats are by dogs who are not caught and identified,  so might also include many pit bulls.


Pit bulls committed more than 60% of fatal attacks


The pit bull who mauled the donkeys. (KS photo)

Pit bulls appear to have inflicted not less than 60% of the total fatal attacks on animals (68,500),  and probably considerably more,  since pit bulls might also have inflicted a significant share of the 49,000 fatalities on other animals in cases where the attacking dogs were not identified.

Altogether, pit bulls inflicted 95% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (30,466); 93% of the fatal attacks on livestock (10,583); 95% of the fatal attacks on small mammals and poultry (56,400); and at least 61% of the fatal attacks on cats (21,226), of which 35% involved unidentified dogs.

About 90,000 pit bulls were involved in attacks on other animals in 2013-2014: more than 90% of all the dogs inflicting attacks who were identified by breed.

There are about 3.5 million pit bulls in the U.S. at any given time, according to the my annual surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption via online classified ads.  (See “Large retrievers still nearly twice as popular as pit bulls,”  http://wp.me/p4pKmM-BA.)

Thus in 2013-2014 more than one pit bull in 40 killed or seriously injured another animal, compared with about one dog in 50,000 of other breeds.

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