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A word from Jeff Borchardt and Daxton’s Friends

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the victims, the survivors and their families as well as advocates of our struggle against the growing epidemic of pit bull and fighting breed dog attacks. Today we launch our billboard initiative thanks to you! To all the contributors who have supported our projects through donations I want to tell you how much you have helped spread the word about the dangers of bringing these dogs into your homes, communities and neighborhoods. Without your support, the victims and fatalities would be forgotten and ignored. We must never let that happen. Their voices and stories carry the message that will save lives in the future.

Daxton’s Friends works in conjunction with AVOCA (Awareness for Victims of Canine Attack) to form a network to effectively promote public safety and provide victims resources. New attack victims often feel alone and unsupported, lacking information and options to deal with the financial and emotional trauma that a dog attack creates. They need timely and instructive assistance. We are also affiliated with and other nonprofits to provide factual information about dog attacks to assist lawmakers and legislators as well as the media.

As a final note, your donations are deeply appreciated and are ONLY used for the purpose of educating the public about safety with canines and the dangers of pit bulls and fighting breed dogs. No monies are used for personal gain or expenses unrelated to the educational endeavors put forth as the mission of Daxton’s Friends non-profit organization. That being said, these attacks are still occurring and our organization still needs funds to continue this good work. Remember, without YOU, this would not be possible. THANK YOU.

If you would like to support Daxton’s Friends, please click the donate button below. All contributions will support our efforts to advocate for public safety and animal welfare. As a volunteer organization, we appreciate your support!

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Here are a few pictures of our billboard and bus stop campaign in the greater Milwaukee area! Your donations hard at work!
















7 thoughts on “Your donations hard at work

  • Marlene Patterson

    Glad to see this! It’s past time that we start getting the word out and acknowledging the people and animals that have been killed by these EXTREMELY aggressive dogs!

  • Bonny Thomas Lee

    Jeff…so very impressed that you can do expensive for billboards…I am blown away by what you have done..I believe it will save some lives as to prevention..God bless you and your sweet wife.

  • Tony Solesky

    Sometimes I forget how focused I am on this issue and how much emotion I have suppressed . Most times I lose complete touch with the emotions that are driving me. Then out of the blue, I see these pictures and tear up and it all comes back to me. This is wonderful. This comes from the desire to stay with an issue not because it is popular but because it is the right thing to do, Soon it will be the popular thing and people will forget there was ever a time they doubted that the victims advocates are right. They will know Daxton’s name and organization and quote it and dogsbite like they now do the ASPCA and other misguided Humane groups. One day very soon they will quote Daxton;s friends and have no idea who Jeff Borchart the founder is and that will be the best day when it has a life of its own. Great work.

  • Lisa Gaffney

    That’s awesome, Jeff!!! Think of how many people will see them… You are saving lives. Zeus looks like he wholeheartedly agrees! 🙂

  • joanie

    Absolutely awesome. This will help change the world and gets around the national media suppression in a big big way. Thank you so much for the creative and bold actions to get the message out and in their faces where it will definitely fuel more open dialogue about this growing public safety threat. THANK YOU!

  • joanie

    This is screaming good news. This is wonderful use of donations as it gets around the national media’s censorship of fatalities and
    gets in the public’s face in a big big way. Thank you for the creative and brave thinking that made this happen. This will help make the world a better place for all. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

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