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Hi Daxtonsfriends,

My name is Chris. I / my golden were recently attacked by two pit bulls while riding my skateboard at our local park. My golden Bella likes to pull me via leash. As we approached, two twenty-ish Hispanic males, I asked them if they had control of their dogs.  They said they did and we attempted to skate on down the park sidewalk as we had done for 8+ yrs. One of their pits broke free and within seconds was on top of my dog. This all was taking place 2-6 inches from my side. I could see the owner was not moving, it was at that time I made the choice to unfold my blade and use deadly force against this beast. I hope my blade and swiftly shoot it through the animal as deep as it would go. This caused the animal to release immediately and the pit bull who was just about to join in the attack to stop, turn around and go back to his owner. After refolding and stowing my blade back in my pocket I chastised the two irresponsible dog owners and raced home to notify the police. I told the 911 operator that I had just been attacked and I believe killed the dog. Police on the scene within five minutes and the two individuals had already left.  It was ruled a lawful killing and use of weapon for self -defense.


Dear Chris,
Bella is a beauty and so are those two girls! Do you mind if we use your story and pictures on our website?


Sounds good. Keep up the great work.
thx for all you do.
Chris Peer
Redondo bch, Ca


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