Welcome to the Daxton’s Friends website! Our goal is to serve as a resource for healthy canine pet ownership, and advocate for public safety and animal welfare. Through education, promotional vehicles, and providing resources, we aspire to function as an authority on these topics and serve our communities. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to provide honest and unbiased information.

Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education & Awareness was formed in honor of Daxton Borchardt, who passed away on March 6, 2013 due to severe injuries sustained in a dog attack. Daxton’s Friends would like to educate the public about the importance of understanding dog breeds and how, with proper education and pet care, the number of dog-related incidents can be reduced.

Striving to serve as a resource for the canine community, Daxton’s Friends attempts to provide the most current and updated information available. Relying heavily on media coverage and established canine-related organizations, we pledge to do our best to provide factual information and research. In addition we will also leverage information from real life events, striving to be responsible philanthropists.

If Daxton’s Friends is provided substantial evidence that we have shared incorrect information, we will correct or retract statements. We welcome feedback and invite you to share your thoughts about our organization. Please e-mail us at DaxtonsFriends@gmail.com.     *Abusive and/or deceitful emails are subject to being published in full.*

If you would like to support Daxton’s Friends, please click the donate button below. All contributions will support our efforts to advocate for public safety and animal welfare. As a volunteer organization, we appreciate your support!

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8 thoughts on “Home

  • Kevin

    And you guys that feed into this shit, and actually support this group, are sick in the head. You are telling bold faced lies based on your own shitty opinions. If you have never owned a pitbull, you don’t have room to say a word. Karma is a bitch, remember that

  • Kevin

    You and your shitty site can suck a dirty dog dick. You spew hate and misinformation. And you know that you are, but you continue to do so. FUCK you, and I hope you really do get attacked by a dog. Cause that would be Karma.

  • Laura Thompson

    I know Dennis Baker and Kaylie and until the tragic accident,if you will I had no idea how viral these attacks are. I just moved to Nevada and am shocked how many of these brutal and fatal attacks take place out in this desert. Parents, everyone be aware and pay close attention. Our children and Elders are being targeted daily.Please protect yourselves and your precios loved ones and neighbors too. God Bless

  • Jaime Godbey

    I am sickened by some of these comments. Stop humanizing this breed as if it knew or felt a certain way. These dogs snap. It’s im their nature. And in no way in any of these cases is it the victim’s fault! My God. How can any of you making these comments be so cruel and heartless. These are people’s children. They did not ask for any of this. You may be singing a different tune if it were your own child.
    Yes, maybe you have a family pitt that is sweet and innocent. And that is wonderful. But unfortunately for these victim’s they got the dog who’s instincts that day were to kill. Not all dogs can inflict this much damage. This is one of the biggest arguements. If you have small children, why even risk it?? Honestly I was at Mclean County animal shelter in September 2015 looking at a 2yr old pittbull named Niko. My husband loved him, my 11yr old and 8yr old loved him. My 7yr old hmmm? That’s where I paused. And then the man there told me this story of this angel on her 4th birthday being mauled to death by the family pitt. I looked it up. Balled my eyes out and decided against it. I want to thank YOU. I feel like you saved my Children. Possibly, hey. We will never know. After a horrific story like that I wasn’t willing to find out either. Thank you.