70-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Rottweiler In Beaufort County, South Carolina (4/11/15)

Deputies: Woman severely injured in dog attack

2015-04-13_09h23_52By WCTI Staff – POSTED: 11:13 PM Apr 10 2015
WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY – The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said a woman was attacked by a dog Friday night.  The injuries were so severe that she was flown to the hospital, that’s according to Chief Deputy Charlie Rose.

Rose said the woman was attacked by a rottweiler at 5:30 p.m.  Rose said she is 70 years old, but her name has not yet been released.  She was flown to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.

The attacked happened at 61 Winchester Drive in Washington.

Neighbor Jeffrey Paciga said, “its just a tragic thing to happen. Just tragic.”

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Beaufort County woman airlifted after dog attack

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The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office says a woman had to be flown by EastCare to Vidant in Greenville following a dog attack Friday night.

Chief Deputy Charlie Rose says the incident happened around 5:30 p.m. at 61 Winchester Drive off of Robersonville Road off of highway 264 west.

The victim is a 70-year-old woman.

It’s not known at this time what exactly happened, or the extent of injuries.

We’re told animal control now has the Rottweiler involved.

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rott 2Rottweilers originate from Germany and are descendants of Mastiff-type dogs, sharing many of the traits and genetics of that canine lineage.  Most likely the Italian Mastiff was spread by the Roman legion as the army invaded Europe around AD 70. Rottweilers are one of the oldest herding and guard dogs and are thought to be descendants of ancient Roman drover dogs. They performed as excellent herders due to their eagerness to control and intimidate cattle. They were once referred to as “Rottweiler butchers’ dogs” because they often pulled carts with butchered meat to market in “Rottweiler”, which was a popular and important trade center. The Rottweiler population dramatically decreased when the railroads were built and the need for them diminished.  By WWI and WWI, the need for the Rottweiler increased due to their use as messengers, watchdogs, and guard dogs.

Many property management companies, landlords, and insurance companies have policies against Rottweiler ownership. Some communities have restrictions or bans against the breed. Proper research needs to be done prior to ownership to ensure the dog will be allowed.

Rottweilers are prone to entropion, ectropion, hip dysplasia, cancer, and ACL issues. They can overheat easily and hot temperatures can be deadly.  They are average shedders and require little grooming.  They are large dogs, weighing 75-130 pounds and have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.


In North America from 1982-2014, Rottweilers were responsible for 535 attacks on humans, resulting in 85 deaths. Rottweiler mixes were responsible for 30 attacks on humans, resulting in 4 deaths.

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This is a list of dog breeds that have a history of being potentially dangerous to people, especially children. Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education and Awareness understands that any dog has the ability to bite or inflict serious harm to humans. This list consists of several dog breeds that have a higher than average number of recorded human fatalities. Please use extreme caution if you choose to bring one of these breeds into your home. Rental communities and homeowners insurance may restrict many of the dog breeds on this list due to the likelihood of a serious incident.

Pit Bulls, Mastiff, and Rottweiler lead in fatalities and are listed first. The rest of the breeds are listed in alphabetical order:

potentially-dangerous-dog-300x300Pit Bull Terrier Family





Alaskan Malamute

Chow Chow

Doberman Pinscher

German Shepherd

Shar Pei

Siberian Husky

Wolf Hybrid

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