Ocean County, NJ – Pit bull sends infant to hospital on life flight – Kimberly Lamore apologizes for dog (5/20/15) 2


Little-Egg-Harbor-dog-300x157WEST TUCKERTON, N.J. (WPVI)

The incident happened around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday along the unit block of Concetta Court in West Tuckerton, NJ.

The 2-month-old girl was outside with her mother and the family’s pitbull terrier.

The child’s mother went back into the house to refill a bottle.

Officials say the dog then picked the girl up in its mouth and carried her into the house.

In the process, the 2-month-old suffered a puncture wound to the chest.

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2 thoughts on “Ocean County, NJ – Pit bull sends infant to hospital on life flight – Kimberly Lamore apologizes for dog (5/20/15)

  • Laura

    I was once attacked by a rotweiller. IT WAS MY FAULT The owners and I were in the yard when I asked to go in for a drink of water. I had been there before so the dog and I had already met. But, she was old and almost blind. When I entered she apparently did not recognize me and attacked. Now,,I witnessed that dog act kindly and friendly to everyone on many occasions when human family members were present. But, put her in the position of needing to defend her family’s home and she would do so. SHE WAS A GOOD DOG. When they offered to do so, I would not let the owners put her down.

  • Joanie

    The media was as twisted and distorted as the mother who sides with the dog.. Sad that children have to grow up with people like this. This was another pitbull attacking a child incident and they will let it maul another covered up.. Woman couldn’t learn from this?

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