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Enrique Carrillo

Newark father gets time served for pitbull attack on 10-year-old son

Bill Wichert | NJ Advance Media for NJ.comBy Bill Wichert | NJ Advance Media for
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on December 01, 2014 at 1:50 PM, updated December 01, 2014 at 3:21 PM

NEWARK — A Newark man is expected to be released after being sentenced today to time served in a case where his 10-year-old son was mauled by two pitbulls in February after being left alone at the father’s apartment.

Enrique Carrillo, 42, had pleaded guilty on Sept. 5 to a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. He has been in custody for nearly 300 days at the Essex County Correctional Facility.

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lab waterFront Range dog stats show labs responsible for most bites

70 percent of bites considered minor

By Burt Hubbard and Jeremy JojolaRocky Mountain PBS I-News and 9News
POSTED:   11/30/2014 05:46:48 PM MST
The breeds of the biting dogs were available for about two-thirds of the bites. It showed that Labrador and Lab mixes were most prone to biting, accounting for 416 of the bites. However, they were also the most popular pet breed, accounting for about one in every seven dogs registered along the Front Range, so there are many more of them.

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720222f3e09359205b14618665be7e22Vicious dog ban has been repealed in Moreauville

December 2, 20147:39 AM MST

On Monday, the city of Moreauville, Louisiana, voted unanimously to repeal the vicious dog ban that would have forced owners of Rottweilers and pit bulls to get rid of their pets, reported KATC News.

Officials in the city were caught off guard by the extraordinary amount of publicity that their proposed ordinance created – a petition to have the ban overturned started with a few thousand signatures and then the number swelled to over 300,000. News of the breed specific ordinance in Moreauville went beyond the also hit news publications across the nation, both on the internet and on television.

Mayor Timmy Lemoine stated, “We got so many phone calls and threats that it was our best interest to do this,”

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Family pet left fighting for his life

Family pet left fighting for life after savage attack

A family pet was left fighting for life after it was savaged by a dog left running loose in Donaghcloney recently.

Poppy, a miniature Jack Russell was attacked by a Staffordshire type dog in the village on the afternoon of Sunday November 23.

Speaking last Monday, his owner Sharon Gracey said the next 72 hours would be crucial.

The dog required surgery at Lurgan Vet Clinic after the attack, which left part of her bowel hanging out.

Poppy had been for a walk with Sharon’s son Thomas when she slipped her lead and ran off, only to encounter the other dog a short distance away.

Sharon said: “This other dog just came down and locked onto Poppy.”

Thomas, who is autistic, bravely went to the aid of his stricken pet.

Sharon said: “Poppy is really tiny and Thomas had to prize the other dog’s mouth open, our other two dogs jumped in and the big dog let go.”

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pit bull fightinhMan Pleads Guilty In Dog Fighting Case

AUSTIN, Minn. (AP) — An Austin man accused of training dogs to fight has pleaded guilty to torturing an animal.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin reports that 26-year-old Douglas Wayne Seidel was charged in October with two felony counts of mistreating animals. He entered his plea Wednesday in Mower County District Court and faces up to three years in prison and $5,000 in fines when he’s sentenced on Feb. 12.

According to a criminal complaint, the case began Oct. 6 when an Austin police officer responded to an animal cruelty complaint. The officer met with a man who told him there was a dead pit bull terrier at Seidel’s house. The man believed Seidel had his two other pit bull terriers attack and kill the dog.

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Dorset-Police-logo.jpg-pwrt2Police appeal after man bitten by dog

Dorset Echo »

Officers investigating a dog bite on Portland are appealing for the owners of the dog to come forward.

The incident happened at around 4.45pm on Sunday.

The victim, a 20-year-old local man, was walking along pushing his bike near to the steps on High Street at the end of Mallams when a girl, walking a dog, came toward him.

When they were level the dog jumped up at the victim and went to bite his arm which left a small scratch on his arm. The dog then bit the man’s thigh leaving a larger scratch and bite mark.

The dog is described as a black and white Border Collie type and the girl as aged between 14 and 16 and about five feet seven inches tall. She has brown shoulder length hair and was wearing a green high visibility horse riding style jacket.

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Walking dog for cancer

Luke Robinson and his dog Indiana are on a 1,800-mile journey – all to raise awareness for canine cancer.


With nothing more than a backpack and his dog Indiana by his side, Luke Robinson set out on an 1,800-mile journey. They’re walking from northern Washington to the Mexico border – all to raise awareness for canine cancer.

Friday, they took a quick water break along Pacific Coast Highway, north of Malibu.

“Pretty treacherous at parts, we had a couple of tight spots, but we’re just glad to have made it this far,” Robinson said.

Robinson and Indiana have been walking since May 10 to raise awareness for canine cancer research. It’s a campaign close to Robinson’s heart. He’s lost two dogs to different forms of cancer.

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22-year-old Jessica Colleran charged with obtaining property under false pretenses (Photo credit: Chesapeake Police)

Man finds lost dog for sale on Craigslist

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Police have arrested a woman they say claimed to be the owner of a lost dog and then attempted to sell the dog on Craigslist.

Police say 22-year-old Jessica Brittany Colleran responded to a “found dog” ad on Craiglist and claimed to be the dog’s owner. After Colleran picked up the dog, police say, she took the animal to a location in Portsmouth and posted the dog for sale on Craigslist.

The dog’s name is Nikita, and the actual owner, Joshua King, said it started when she escaped from the fence at his home Saturday morning.

Photos: Lost dog found for sale online

“It was pretty horrible, because I was so stressed out, but I didn’t know what to do,” he said.

He couldn’t find her, and later that night King said he saw an ad on Craiglist for a dog for sale. He wasn’t sure if it was Nikita, but it looked like her.

“I never had thought of somebody doing this before, so I was kind of doubting myself that it was my dog,” King said.

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Dumb police dog

Cops Say Dumb Police Dog Was Fired for Cause


Police in Oregon say a dumb dog named Cash was fired “for poor performance,” mostly because he wouldn’t stop acting like a dumb dog.

Among the black marks on adorable, dumb two-year-old Cash’s permanent record, police say, were his skittishness, fear of heights and “barking problem.”

“That’s not the temperament we wanted to set for Cannon Beach,” Police Chief Jason Schermerhorn told the AP.

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dog lease

Couple shocked at ‘dog lease’ deal

Oceanside pet store says the arrangement gives people new option to obtain pets


Stray dogOpinions divided on stray dog round up on Pine Ridge Reservation

Police and animal control picking up stray dogs

Alexa Block, General Assignment Reporter, [email protected]
POSTED: 10:28 PM MST Nov 22, 2014    UPDATED: 06:22 PM MST Nov 23, 2014
PINE RIDGE, S.D. – In response to Jayla Rodriguez’s death, police and animal control continue to round up stray dogs on the Pine Ridge Reservation. That’s divided opinions.
Deputy Police Chief John Mousseau says stray animals, regardless of breed, will be picked up. He says pet owners have nothing to worry about as long as their dogs are either tied up or in a fenced area and have all their shots, as required by law.

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Hiking dogStray dog treks miles with extreme sports team; finds his forever home

POSTED 10:25 AM, NOVEMBER 25, 2014, BY , UPDATED AT 10:45AM, NOVEMBER 25, 2014

(WITI) — A stray dog found a better life after following  an extreme sports team during a grueling 430-mile race through the Amazon rainforest.

According to the YouTube video, it all started during the final stages of the Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador, one of the hardest races in the world. The team captain Mikael Lindnord thought nothing of sharing a meatball with a stray dog. However, after a few kilometers, the team realized the dog was following them.

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Child sustains serious injuries after dog attack

Posted: Nov 27, 2014 3:07 PM CST Updated: Nov 27, 2014 3:07 PM CST
By WRCB Staff

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) –Just after 10 a.m., on Thanksgiving morning, deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff’ Office were called to a home on Daugherty Ferry Road on reports of a dog attack on a child.

Upon their arrival the Sale Creek Fire Department found the 10-year-old child on the front porch of the residence.

The child’s father told deputies his son came screaming to the house after he was attacked by the pit bull. Investigators tell Channel 3, the child had been playing with the animal when for unknown reasons the dog attacked him.

The victim sustained serious injuries to his upper left arm, with minor injuries to his upper left chest.  He was flown by Life Force to an area hospital due to the seriousness of his injuries.

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Global NewsA 20 month old is recovering from a severe dog bite which happened inside Holt Renfrew.

Mon, Nov 24: A 20 month old is recovering from a severe dog bite which happened inside Holt Renfrew. The baby’s mother wants the store to change it’s policy on allowing dogs inside. Christina Stevens reports.

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Dachshund Protects Family from Black Bear Attack

Updated: 11/22/2014 1:07 PM
Created: 11/22/2014 9:08 AM
By: McKenzie Gernes

A family in Florida is lucky to be alive, and they owe it to their dog Daisy.

The 15-pound Dachshund took on a 200-pound black bear to protect her family on Monday near Eustis, Florida.

According to the Gofundme account, Krystal Long and her 6-year-old son were confronted by a black bear at their home and Daisy protected them, but not without injury.

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Owner’s Dog Pulls Something Unexpected Out Of The Water

Labrador retrievers are the most common breed of assistance dog, largely due to their friendly and hard-working nature. But this heroic black lab took that reputation to a new level. When he noticed something tiny struggling to stay afloat in the lake, he immediately jumped into the water to save it.

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Golden_Retriever 1Golden Retriever Epically Fails During Dog Show, Wins All Our Hearts in the Process

By John Boone – November 20, 2014 11:23 AM

When you think of dog shows, you probably think of a giant poodle covered in bows prancing around it circles. And you’d be mostly right. Dog shows are absolutely ridiculous. But this agility test during the Finnish dog show Koira Mestari — which loosely translates to “dog champion” — takes it to a new level.

We cannot even put into words how much we laughed watching this. But don’t take our (non)words for it, watch for yourself:

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A Year of Dog Attacks in Ohio

By Slater & Zurz LLP
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on November 20, 2014 at 9:32 AM, updated November 20, 2014 at 9:52 AM

The 17barks.blogspot, whose author does not believe the pit bull should be promoted as a family pet, claims, as of early 2014, pit bulls had committed 100 attacks on humans throughout North America. Since 1982 there have reportedly been 2,890 pit bulls attacks with 269 of them resulting in death. The blog’s author does not blame the pit bulls, however. He says the dogs are doing “precisely what hundreds of years of purposeful breeding has given them the drive, the instinct and the incentive to do.”

If you are attacked and injured by a dog, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment and to find out how long you will be under a doctor’s care. Keep a record of your medical treatment and take photos of your bites if you can. You should also find out who owns the dog that hurt you and if the animal has had a recent rabies shot.

For more information about dog bites in Ohio including a checklist of what you should do after a dog attack and a free book about Ohio dog bite laws, please visit

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Oh, those wacky pit bull owners. I hope reading this doesn’t cause them undue stress.

I wish I had been more attentive to the stress I was causing my neighbor in 2008 when my leg interfered with the teeth of her pit bull as I was walking down the street. My shouting undoubtedly strained her eardrums. My blood could have infected her dog with any number of awful human diseases, not to mention the possibility of tooth decay. And when the dog’s teeth pierced right through my blue jeans, as he tried to yank my leg back and forth, it must have caused additional stress as she worried about the damage those blue-jean fibers might have caused to her dog’s teeth and gums. In retrospect, I’m lucky she didn’t sue me because I clearly shouldn’t have been walking down the street so carelessly. She told me that I brought the attack upon myself and deserved what I got. (Because I had yelled at her to put her dog on a leash.)

Steve Baker, of Texas City, isn’t so lucky. His 10-year-old beagle, Bailey (pictured above with the family), got blood all over the four pit bulls from a neighboring yard after they broke through a fence and ripped Bailey to shreds like a rag doll.

The pit bulls’ owner, Emerald White, claims she was seriously injured after she was “unexpectedly and viciously attacked” when she entered Baker’s yard to retrieve her dogs. It’s not clear how the dead or dying beagle injured White or whether, in the melee of Bailey’s being ripped apart, White mistook the bites of four crazed pit bulls for the bites of a lone, mutilated beagle. According to court documents, the poor woman suffers from “conscious pain and suffering” along with “fear, anxiety and trepidation” as a result of what the lawsuit claims was an “unprovoked attack.” She wants $1 million for her pain and suffering.

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Zainabou Drame

Girl attacked by dogs continues long recovery

Fundraiser for girl’s bills to be held next week

UPDATED 7:25 PM EST Nov 20, 2014


CINCINNATI —Nearly six months after the dog attack that left her daughter seriously injured, Tanina Drame says she still finds it difficult to find the words to express her thanks to the people who helped save her life.

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She’ll have a chance to express her thanks at an upcoming fundraiser to help pay for her daughter’s medical bills.

Zainabou Drame was mauled in a June dog attack when two dogs attacked her on her street.

Zainabou lost her tongue in the attack, can no longer talk and must eat through a feeding tube, but she’s recovering amazingly well.

“When I start looking back at the hospital pictures and reading the reports and stuff, it’s amazing how far – because it was touch and go,” Tanina Drame said.

The community has rallied to help this family cope, and as they head into the holidays, Tanina say she has a lot to be thankful for.

“I’m thankful that she’s still here,” Drame said. “That day when I saw her and I kept hitting that dog and he wouldn’t let her go — I almost passed out, so I’m thankful that she’s still here,” she said.

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11-19-14-Dexter+the+Dog+Riverside+CountyWrong Dog Impounded for Mauling Child: Animal Services

After a second interview with a witness, the investigator said the woman “could not say with certainty that Dexter was, indeed, the dog.”

A 6-year-old dog named Dexter thought to have mauled a toddler was returned to his owners on Wednesday after an investigation revealed Dexter was not responsible for the attack, according to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

Kaidyn Sutton, a 1-year-old boy, suffered a large gash over his eyes when a dog bit him while he was playing at a park Nov. 14 in the Inland Empire’s French Valley, near Murrieta.

The dog that attacked Kaidyn was initially described as a large dog, possibly a Rottweiler. But an investigator spoke with the boy’s family and a friend, who identified a Labrador mix as the dog that attacked Kaidyn, officials said in a statement.

The boy’s grandfather led authorities to the Labrador owner’s home, where they found Dexter.

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kim-richards-435TV WATCH

Kim Richards Sends Pit Bull to Trainer After 5th Attack on a Human


After Kim Richards’s beloved pit bull Kingsley attacked her niece, Alexia Umansky, earlier this month, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has temporarily removed the dog from her home.

“He’s in a good place,” Richards told TMZ on Saturday. “He’s safe and with a trainer.”

But the decision to send her dog away didn’t come easy, despite a total of five reported incidents where Kingsley attacked humans.


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Kim Richards sent her pitt bull to live with a trainer after his 5th violent attack

This story has been out for a short while, so please bear with me if you’ve heard about it. There are some new-ish developments for Kim Richards, the former child star and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member who allegedly got sober a couple of years ago after her third stint in rehab. Kim has a pitt bull, Kingsley, who has attacked humans in at least five separate incidents. (Only three incidents are detailed here, but reports claim there are five.)

In Kingsley’s latest attack, he injured Kim’s niece so badly that she needed two surgeries on her hand. Kim has half-blamed her niece, Kyle Richards’ daughter Alexia, for the attack, saying that “I already told [my nieces] my room was off limits.” Kim also downplayed the extent of Alexia’s injuries, stating that the first hospital visit was merely to clean the puncture wound on Alexia’s finger.

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Mailman who saved woman, dog from pitbull attack honored in Syracuse

By Ken Sturtz | [email protected]
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on November 19, 2014 at 6:07 AM, updated November 19, 2014 at 10:15 AM

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Richard Blasland Jr. was about an hour into his Tipperary Hill mail route one day in May when he heard a woman screaming for help.

The 37-year-old Liverpool letter carrier ran about 10 houses down the street, over a hill and discovered a woman and her dog being attacked by a pit bull. Blasland threw down his mail bag and started kicking the pit bull to get it to leave the woman and her dog alone.

“Everything had happened so fast,” Blasland said. “My heart was pumping.”

Blasland and the woman both screamed for the pit bulls’ owner, but he was sleeping.

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Pit bull ban stands in Camdenton, pet owner must relocate bulldogs

Spree Hilliard

Posted Nov. 19, 2014 @ 8:22 am

Camdenton has an ordinance banning pitbulls inside in the city limits that dates back to the late 1980s.

Even though Brown provided paperwork stating that the two dogs, Karma and Chaos, were registered American Bulldogs, not pitbulls, city officials say they display ‘characteristics of pitbulls’ so therefore she is in violation. In 2011, the city made an addendum to the ordinance that includes banning dogs that have similar physical characteristics to pitbulls. If a dog matches five of the eight physical characteristics, it can’t be within city limits.

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Family of girl mauled in pit bull attack turns down $30,000 from KFC

The family of a Mississippi toddler who suffered serious injuries when she was attacked by pit bulls have turned down a donation from KFC toward her injuries, despite their accusations that an employee of the company asked her to leave one of their restaurants because he scars were disturbing other customers.

“We didn’t feel it was appropriate to accept it after everything KFC has done,” Bill Kellum, attorney for 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher’s family told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

Victoria was attacked in April while visiting with her grandfather Donald Mullins. In the incident, the girl lost an eye and had several wounds to her face and body, which require extensive reconstructive surgery. Mullins says he killed the dogs, which he said also attacked him and his girlfriend Rita Tompkins. The two were charged with child endangerment and face a grand jury in September.

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Police Michal Nelson

4/1/14 – Pit bulls seized from home after Kaufman woman found dead

KAUFMAN, Texas — Eight pit bulls were seized from a Kaufman home after an 85-year-old woman was found dead Monday inside the residence.






child flight for life

3/31/14 – 2-year-old airlifted after attacked by pit bull owned by mother’s boyfriend

LEAGUE CITY, Texas— A 2-year-old girl was airlifted to the hospital Monday morning after being mauled by a pit bull in League City. Her mother was also injured while trying to protect her.





3 year old

3/31/14 – 3-Year Old Boy Killed in Pit Bull Attack

The unidentified boy was attacked around 4:30 Monday afternoon, by 2 Pit bulls in the Thornton Community. He died on the scene.





3/26/14 – Police: Pit bull attacks, kills girl

According to Duplantis, a large pit bull owned by the girl’s mother, attacked the girl. He says when the mother tried to rescue her daughter, the dog turned and attacked her.

The child, identified as Mia Derouen, suffered facial and head injuries. She died at a nearby hospital about an hour after the attack.





77 year old

3/15/14 – 77-year-old woman bleeds to death after dog attack


A Phoenix woman’s family says she was bitten by the family dog and bled to death before help arrived.

The 77-year-old victim, Nancy Newberry, lived at a home near 43rd Avenue and Greenway with her husband and daughter.




2014 spring training – Hank the #BallparkPup Added to Milwaukee Roster; Set for Travel to Wisconsin on Sunday

It was announced today that Hank, “The Ballpark Pup,” will make the move north to Milwaukee this Sunday on a Southwest Airlines Charter flight, joining Brewers executives, sponsors and family members on the flight to Mitchell International Airport.








3/13/14 – Missing French bulldogs back home after spotted in Humboldt Park

Two French bulldogs missing since a burglary at an Avondale home have been returned safe after someone found them wandering the street in Humboldt Park about 2 1/2 miles away.








3/7/14 – Animal control worker makes controversial Facebook comment about dog that bit child

Do you feel that people who work with animals must passionately care for every animal, even ones that harm people? Should that be a job requirement? Give us your thoughts. [email protected]






3/17/14 – RCMP, animal services investigating after attack by 2 Alaskan malamute dogs

A seven-year-old girl is dead after being mauled by two dogs belonging to friends of her family near Oakbank, Man.

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