Family Cane Corso dog critically mauls 3-year-old while visiting grandmother – Philadelphia, PA (4/18/15)

3-Year-Old Girl in Critical After Being Mauled by Family Dog: Police

A young girl is in the hospital after she was mauled by a family dog Saturday.

Police say the 3-year-old girl was visiting her grandmother at her home on the 5900 block of Washington Avenue in Philadelphia, shortly after 5 p.m. The girl was being held by her grandmother when the family dog, which police say is a Cane Corso, suddenly attacked.

“We’re making the assertion that the dog got jealous that the grandmother was holding the child and the dog attacked the child, mauling it in the head area,” said Philadelphia Police Captain Anthony Ginaldi.

Police say the grandmother tried to protect the girl and was bitten on the hands. The girl was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by responding police officers. She underwent surgery and is currently in critical but guarded condition, according to police.

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3 Year Old Girl Critical After Attacked By Uncle’s Dog

2015-04-20_11h39_01By Kristen Johanson – 4/18/15

The child was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with bite wounds to her head and eye.

Lt. John Walker with Southwest Detectives said the dog didn’t have any behavioral issues in the past.

“The great-grandmother was watching the 3-year-old and the dog comes in from the back.” Said Walker, “The great-grandmother has the baby on her lap and for some reason, the dog which is a cane corso mastif, bites the child and the grandmother tries to push him away and is bit during the process.”

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Sunday, April 19, 2015 11:50AM

2015-04-20_11h39_59A 3-year-old girl suffered serious injuries after she was bitten by a dog in West Philadelphia.

It happened around 5:00 p.m. Thursday in the 5900 block of Washington Avenue.

Police say the child was visiting relatives at the time.

The little girl to Children’s Hospital, where she was taken right into surgery. She is said to be in critical but stable condition.

Police say that the dog, a Cane Corso, has never been a problem before.

No criminal charges are expected.

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Girl, 3, critical after attack by family dog – 4/18/15

The girl was in critical condition at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The dog is in the custody of the city’s animal control department. Walker said the dog had no prior behavioral problems, had never bitten anyone, and has been with the family for about five years. – Aubrey Whelan

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Pa. girl, 3, mauled by family dog in front of great-grandmother: ‘The dog got jealous’

John Luciew | By John Luciew | [email protected] – 4/20/15

Officials in Philadelphia are calling the weekend mauling of a three-year-old girl by a Mastiff owned by the family a case of dog jealousy gone out of control.

The attack occurred when the Mastiff saw the girl sitting on her great-great grandmother’s lap. This caused the dog to suddenly snap, biting the girl on her head and the great-great grandmother on her hand when she tried to push the dog away, according to accounts by NBC-10.

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Cane Corso

CaneCorso 2The Cane Corso originates from Italy and is a descendant of the Roman Molossian, likely mixed with the ancient British Mastiffs (pugnaces Britanniae). The latter were used for bear- and bull-baiting, and by British soldiers in war as early as 55 B.C. The Romans were so impressed by the aggression of the English mastiffs that they considered them superior to their own Roman war dogs.

Both the Roman and the English ancestors of the Cane Corso were bred for hunting large game, to battle in warfare, as a guard dog, and for arena blood ‘sports’.  As a hunting dog they were selectively bred to attack game such as wild boar or cougars. One ancient writer described them thus: “not speedy but impetuous, a fighter of great courage and incredible strength, to be employed against bulls and wild boar, undaunted even when confronted with a lion.” They were called canis pugnaces because of their willingness to fight to the death and their function of attacking wild animals.  As guard dogs, they were always chained and never had the run of the property, because they were too dangerous.  In the arena, they were used in spectacles that involved three or four of these pugnaces / molosser types mauling a bear, a horse or a lion to death slowly, though until the fall of the Roman Empire the victim could also be human (a slave or prisoner)2,3

he Cane Corso once was popular throughout Italy as a guard dog and fighting dog, but now is most common in Southern Italy. These dogs were just another regional variation of the generic fighting molosser type, sharing its ancestry with the pit bull types and other fighting molossers. In later days, this local Italian fighting molosser was back-crossed to the English fighting pit bull types to improve its performance as a fighting dog and to get its present day appearance – as were most of the various regional molosser types across the world. In 2008, the Cane Corso was accepted into the AKC’s miscellaneous class and declared an official ‘breed’. It remains in fact a molosser – pit bull mix.

Cane Corsos are, as adults, very calm house companions. They like to be near their family, but they aren’t fond of cuddling nor demanding about attention. They can react to many things as if they perceive a threat. It is essential to get a puppy from a breeder that keeps the pups inside the home from birth, so they are socialized from birth to understand what is and isn’t a threat in normal household activities. The same intense exposure is necessary to out-of-home things such as pedestrians on the street, people getting in and out of cars, people coming in and out of shops, so the dog will understand that these things are normal and also no threat. That said, there is no amount of socialization that will make the Cane Corso friendly to strangers inside or outside the home. They may do well with some strangers if properly introduced, but the owner must be present at all times for close supervision.

In North America, from 1982-2014, Cane Corsos have seriously attacked 21 humans that resulted in 12 maimings and 2 fatality.  In addition, a Cane Corso/Pit Bull mix attacked 1 person that resulted in a fatality.

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The arms race

Most lately we’ve seen a modern arms race in circles that favor this type of inherently dangerous dog, leading to the mixing of ever more local mastiff types with fighting bulldog / pit bull types. The fans of the new mix then apply to kennel clubs to have their own pit bull – mastiff mix recognized as a new ‘breed’. It’s this arms race, with its greed for cash, that has given us the many pit bull mixes people are now pretending are a separate mastiff ‘breed’: the ‘Cane Corso’, ‘Dogo Argentino’, ‘Dogue de Bordeaux’, ‘Bullmastiff’, to name a few.

The instant a kennel club dispenses a new official name for such a mix, the mix’s fans start to claim that their ‘breed’ is distinct. Suddenly the newest pit fighting bulldog – mastiff mix is a ‘breed’ that has nothing to do with any other pit bull, mastiff, or pit bull – mastiff mix, as if the new mix’s genes materialized out of thin air.

In fact, these pit bull – mastiff mixes are pit bull type dogs, no less than any other backyard-bred pit bull mix.

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This is a list of dog breeds that have a history of being potentially dangerous to people, especially children. Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education and Awareness understands that any dog has the ability to bite or inflict serious harm to humans. This list consists of several dog breeds that have a higher than average number of recorded human fatalities. Please use extreme caution if you choose to bring one of these breeds into your home. Rental communities and homeowners insurance may restrict many of the dog breeds on this list due to the likelihood of a serious incident.

Pit Bulls, Mastiff, and Rottweiler lead in fatalities and are listed first. The rest of the breeds are listed in alphabetical order:

potentially-dangerous-dog-300x300Pit Bull Terrier Family





Alaskan Malamute

Chow Chow

Doberman Pinscher

German Shepherd

Shar Pei

Siberian Husky

Wolf Hybrid

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