Pit Bull Breed Identification 16

Q: What breed is this? 


A: Border Collie

Q: What breed is this?


A: German Shepherd

Q: What breed is this?


A: Chihuahua

Q: What breed is this?


A: Doberman Pinscher

Q: What breed is this?


A: Boston Terrier

Q: What breed is this?


A: Golden Retrievers

Q: What breed is this?


A: Depends

Q: Depends on what?

A: Did the dog pull a child from a burning building?

Q: Yes

A: It’s a pit bull

Q: What breed is this?


A: Depends

Q: Depends on what?

A: Will I be eligible for a free spay and neuter program?

Q: Yes

A: It’s a pit bull

Q: What breed is this?


A: Depends

Q: Depends on what?

A: Did it seriously maim, maul, disfigure or kill a human being or someone’s pet?

Q: Yes

A: What breed did the neighbors, witnesses, police reports, family and media say it was?

Q: A pit bull

A: It’s hard to tell. How was the dog raised?

Q: As far as we know it was raised like any other dog.

A: Was it neutered?

Q: It wasn’t neutered as far as we can tell.

A: There you go. It was a pit bull, BUT with an irresponsible owner. This dog should have been neutered.

Q: What breed is this?


A: Depends

Q: Depends on what?

A: Did it seriously maim, maul, disfigure or kill a human being or someone’s pet?

Q: Yes. It killed a child

A: Was the child left alone with the nanny dog?

Q: Just for one minute while mom went to the bathroom.

A: Once again, irresponsible owners. The mother should have realized she should always crate an 8-year old pit bull with no bite history before she went to the bathroom.

Q: But didn’t you tell another parent that their pit bull killed their child because it WAS crated?

A: Yes, and I am sorry for their loss, BUT, what did the child’s parents do in their 20’s that could have led to their child’s demise 15 years later?

Q: I thought I was suppose to be asking the questions?

A: It’s a fact that pit bulls only kill the children of total screw ups. Where were the parents?

Q: She was in the bathroom. Are you going to answer the question?

A: What did the child do to provoke the dog?

Q: Does it matter? The child is dead. Was it a pit bull or not?

A: What breed does the National Canine Research Council say it was?

Q: Indeterminate. Why?

A: Are there any photos?

Q: I’m supposed to be asking the questions. I don’t know what is happening here. But no, there were not any photos available.

A: It was a boxer mix. Maybe a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but definitely not a “pit bull.”

Q: But the dog owner refers to their dog as a pit bull in every Facebook post leading up to the attack.

A: Doesn’t matter. They are not breed experts. I personally looked at the photos and determined that it was not a pit bull, but an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Q: I said there were no photos of the dog.

A: Oh that’s right. I meant it was an Olde English Bulldog.

Q: I’m confused. 

A: That’s because you’re not a breed expert.

Q: OK, OK, OK….I’m sick and tired of going around and around with you. I’ll give you another question. 

Q: The media reported that 10-week old, Holden William Garrison, was killed by this breed. What breed is this?


A: Depends

Q: Depends on what?

A: Is this a photo of the dog that killed the child?

Q: Am I answering questions again?

A: Yes

Q: No photos were available in the media.

A: What breed did the media say it was?

Q: Catahoula Leopard Dog

A: It was a Catahoula Leopard Dog. No doubt about it. The media is infallibly correct, accurate and dependable, as long as it is not a pit bull.

In upholding Denver’s pit bull ban in 1991, the Supreme Court of Colorado wrote, “The city, however, is not required to meet its burden of proof with mathematical certainty of scientific evidence,” when identifying a pit bull. Death investigation reports prepared by police and medical examiners are sufficient to determine dog breed.

Source: The Colorado Dog Fanciers, Inc. et al. v. The City and County of Denver, 820 P. 2d 644 (Colo.1991)

In Ohio the Supreme Court wrote a decision in the state of Ohio v. Anderson that used the words over and over “a dog owner of ordinary intelligence can identify a pit bull.”  https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=1496137140642653899&q=State+of+Ohio+v.+Anderson&hl=en&as_sdt=2%2C44&as_vis=1
Here is a quote ” In sum, we reject the appellee’s contention that the phrase “commonly known as a pit bull dog” is so devoid of meaning that R.C. 955.11(A)(4)(a)(iii) is unconstitutionally void for vagueness. Pit bull dogs possess unique and readily identifiable physical and behavioral traits which are capable of recognition both by dog owners of ordinary intelligence and by enforcement personnel. Consistent and detailed descriptions of the pit bull dog may be found in canine guidebooks, general reference books, statestatutes and local ordinances, and state and federal case law dealing with pit bull legislation. By reference to these sources, a dog owner of ordinary intelligence can determine if he does in fact own a dog commonly known as a pit bull dog within the meaning of R.C. 955.11 (A)(4)(a)(iii). Similarly, by reference to these sources, dog wardens, police officers, judges, and juries can enforce the statute fairly and evenhandedly. Consequently, we find that R.C. 955.11(A)(4)(a)(iii) is not unconstitutionally void for vagueness. ”

Toledo v. Tellings covers the ID issue as well as constitutionality, this is also a state Supreme Court ruling.

Pit Bull ordinance back under the microscope

A Pit Bull is defined as a Staffordshire bull terrier https://www.daxtonsfriends.com/staffordshire-bull-terrier/ breed of dog, the American pit bull terrier https://www.daxtonsfriends.com/american-pit-bull-terrier/ breed of dog, the American Staffordshire terrier https://www.daxtonsfriends.com/american-staffordshire-terrier/ breed of dog; any mixed breed of dog which contains as an element of its breeding the breed of Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, or American pit bull terrier as to be identifiable as partially of the breed Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, or American pit bull terrier, or any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier; and other breeds commonly known as pit bulls, pit bull dogs, or pit bull terriers, or a combination of any of these breeds.

Read more: https://www.lakenewsonline.com/article/20141221/News/141229904#ixzz3Maj21MES

Pit bull ban stands in Camdenton, pet owner must relocate bulldogs

Spree Hilliard – Posted Nov. 19, 2014 @ 8:22 am

Camdenton has an ordinance banning pitbulls inside in the city limits that dates back to the late 1980s.

Even though Brown provided paperwork stating that the two dogs, Karma and Chaos, were registered American Bulldogs, https://www.daxtonsfriends.com/bulldog/ not pitbulls, city officials say they display ‘characteristics of pitbulls’ so therefore she is in violation. In 2011, the city made an addendum to the ordinance that includes banning dogs that have similar physical characteristics to pitbulls. If a dog matches five of the eight physical characteristics, it can’t be within city limits.

Read more: https://www.lakenewsonline.com/article/20141119/News/141118967#ixzz3Jfk1DQnQ

Will the CDC PLEASE RESUME tracking fatal dog attacks by breed? We are not asking for too much Dr. Thomas Frieden. A simple photo attached to each DBRF (Dog Bite Related Fatality) could do wonders for data collection.

2014 Dog Bite Related Fatalities

Updated after each fatality following fact finding research

42 Dog Bite Related Fatalities
by Breed:
27 by Pit Bull / Pit Bull Mix
3 by Bullmastiff / Mastiff Mix
4 by Rottweiler
1 by Cane Corso
1 by Shepherd Mix
1 by Catahoula Leopard Dog
4 Unknown Breed
1 Mix Breed

Names and ages of the deceased:
Christina Bell-Burleson – 43 – Houston, TX – 2 Pit Bulls [01.05.14]
Betty Clark – 75 – Canyon Lake, TX – 2 Pit Bulls [01.06.14]
Kara Hartrich – 4 – Bloomington, IL – 2 Pit Bulls [01.17.14]
Annabel Martin – 89 – Corona, CA – 3 Rottweilers [01.26.14]
Klonda Richey – 57 – Dayton, OH – 2 Mastiff Mixes [02.07.14]
Je’vaeh Mayes – 2 – Temple, TX – Pit Bull [02.17.14]
Braelynn Coulter – 3 – High Point, NC – Pit Bull [02.24.14]
Summer Sears – 4 – Tallassee, AL – Shepherd Mix [02.26.14]
Kenneth Santillan – 13 – Paterson, NJ – Bullmastiff [02.28.14]
Raymane Robinson, Jr. – 2 – Killeen, TX – Bullmastiff [03.01.14]
Nancy Newberry – 77 – Phoenix, AZ – Pit Bull [03.14.14]
Mia DeRouen – 4 – Houma, LA – Pit Bull [03.25.14]
Christopher Malone- 3 – Holmes County, MS – 2 Pit Bulls [03.31.14]
Dorothy Hamilton – 85 – Kaufman, TX – 2 Pit Bulls [03.31.14]
John Harvard – 5 – Riverside, AL – Pit Bull [04.06.14]
Petra Aguirre – 83 – San Antonio, TX – Pit Bull Mix [04.11.14]
Jessica Norman – 33 – Sebring, FL – 3 Pit Bulls [4.30.14]
Katie Morrison – 20 – Phenix City, AL – 3 Pit Bulls [05.03.14]
Nyhiem Wilfong – 1 – Caldwell County, NC – Rottweiler [05.04.14]
Kasii Haith – 4 – Kent County, DE – 3 Pit Bulls [05.07.14]
Rita Pepe – 93 – Branford, CT – Pit Bull Mix [05.25.14]
Holden Garrison – 10 wks – Davisburg, MI – Catahoula Leopard Dog [06.09.14]
Logan Shepard – 4 – Riverview, FL – 2 Pit Bulls [07.19.14]
Jonathan Quarles – 7 mo – Dayton, OH – Pit Bull [07.20.14]
Craig Sytsma – 46 – Metamore Twp, MI – 2 Cane Corso [07.23.14]
Cindy Whisman – 59 – Madison Twp, OH – Pit Bull [08.04.14]
Joel Chireieleison – 6 – Fanning Springs, FL – 2 Pit Bulls [08.07.14]
Deriah Solem – 22 mo – St Charles County, MO – Pit Bull Mix [08.09.14]
Javon Dade – 4 – Miami, FL – Pit Bull [08.13.14]
David Glass Sr.-51-Benton County, MS – 3 Pit Bulls [09.20.14]
Alice Payne – 75 – Cave City, AR – 1 Pit Bull [09.26.14]
Juan Fernandez – 59 – Modesto, CA – 4 Pit Bulls – [10.14.14]
Logan Thomas Meyer – 7 – Hustisford, WI -1 Rottweiler – [10.24.14]
Alemeaner Dial – 83 – Robeson County, N.C. – 4 Pit Bulls – [10.31.14]
Deanne Lynn Coando – 40 – Wind River Indian Reservation, WY – Unknown – [11. .14]
Stella Antanaitis – 91 – Stamford, CT – Mix Breed – [11. .14]
Jayla Rodriguez – 8 – Pine Ridge, SD – Unknown – [11.18.14]
Bobbie Cheveallier – 85 – Grant Parish, L.A. – Unknown – [12.1.14]
Jose Robles – 62 – Madison, N.C. – Pending – [11.23.14]
Christopher Camejo – 2 – Crystal River , FL – Rottweiler’s – [12.6.14]
Rita Woodard  – 64 – Corpus Christi , TX – Pit Bull – [12.15.14]

Edward L. Cahill – 40 – Porter County, IND. – Pit Bull – [12.25.14]

Non – Bite Related Canine Deaths

Demonta Collins – 13 – Augusta, GA – Chased into traffic by at large Pit Bull [04.10.14]
Davon Jigget – 17 – Fulton County, Ga – Chased into traffic by at large Pit Bull [04.11.14]
Ryan Brown – 15 – Fayette County, TN – Killed by pan thrown by brother when attempting to break up dog fight [08.08.14]

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16 thoughts on “Pit Bull Breed Identification

  • RSM, aka Mom in Eugene

    This is perfect!!!
    I call BS on this lie of not being able to ID a pit. My FOUR YR OLD son can spot a pit, and accurately ID it, then figure out how to avoid it, from 25+ yards. He learned how to do this because we play a game called “SPOT THE MAULER”. It’s a game all kids should play with their parents. It is fun, and can save lives.

    This is how you play: you spot *any fighting breed dog*, and ID them, then figure out how to escape them. We count points for how many we ID correctly; its scary how many points we have. You get extra points for the best escape routes. Its like the old VW game “punch buggy” where whomever sees the car first punches the other, but without hitting.

    My son is better at it than I am, I think this is because his line of sight is so much lower, and he isn’t focused on getting where we are going like I am. He is 95% right about spotting a mauler, vs an ordinary dog (lab, collie mix, etc), the mistakes are made IDing pit vs other fighting types. He has not yet memorized the actual names of the other breeds, like the Cane Corso we saw (in my apartments FFS!), but the characteristics are so similar its easy to spot maulers in general, and do a pit/no pit assessment. (ALL are dangerous, it’s part of the game to separate them by breed). Rottweilers are the hardest ones for him, but he is learning.

    Our rules are: totally avoid ALL of these dogs, and stay away from all other dogs bigger than a kid, unless leashed and clearly a safer breed (Golden, lab). NEVER go up to any dog without me, and ask the owner. NO visits to homes without verifying no pits or unknown big dogs are there, or will be visiting. Honestly, if the parents like pits, I won’t let them go there, their friends can come here instead,

    Also, its scary to think that 25 pit deaths is the low end, conservative, estimate. The Catahoula was supposedly a pit mix, as was one of the mixed breed/unknowns, when neighbors got to chime in. Plus, the dog packs could have easily had pits in them.

  • "dawn james"

    re: the catahoula, unfortunately the sickos who engage in hog hunting have infused bulldog into the catahoula to create a better hog hunter. even without the infusion of gripper blood, the catahoula is not a dog that makes a good family pet. people looking to adopt dogs should be wary of catahoulas.

    • Cardinal

      I think some people get Catahoulas as pets because they’re uncommon and very interesting looking dogs…it’s unfortunate they don’t LEARN about the breed before getting one.

  • "dawn james"

    two more people killed by cars while fleeing a pit bull. this is an interesting trend. what does that say about the pit bull’s reputation when people risk being hit by a 2000 lb vehicle trying to escape the maws of doom?

    i always love these pit bull identification quizzes. nice job jeff.

  • Sharon Yildiz

    I love this! It is spot on with how the pit bull advocacy operates. It’s only a pit bull if it’s done something good or if they qualify for free neutering or free classes. If it attacks, it’s another breed…even when the owner clearly states it’s a pit bull!

  • Linda

    This is one excellent article. Love the “identify the breed”. Keep on keeping on. Great writing, great pictures. Hope you reach millions of people with your articles about dogs and about victims of dog bites and the rest. Keep on speaking out; Keep on talking. I am so glad that I found your website. Passing the information on to anyone who will receive it.

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