Antoinette Brown (52) – Dallas, TX – Killed By A Pack Of 4 Pit Bull-Mixes, Rottweiler, Shepherd & Doberman-Mixes (5/9/16)

Owners of dogs that mauled Dallas woman could face criminal charges, police chief says

Profile image for Sarah Mervosh – Sarah Mervosh, Breaking News Enterprise reporter – 5/8/16

Dallas Police Chief David Brown took to Twitter on Sunday to explain why his department waited nearly a week to disclose that a woman had been mauled by a pack of dogs in southern Dallas, a gruesome result of the city’s ongoing loose dog problem.

The announcement came five days after the attack and four days after The News first inquired about a possible dog pack attack.

On Monday, the woman’s family said she would be taken off life support, KTVT-TV (Channel 11) reported.

Brown offered an explanation after The Dallas Morning News reported the woman’s story Saturday, the same day the Police Department posted the incident to its online blog.

Brown said police waited to announce the mauling until authorities seized six dogs Friday. He said he did not want the dogs’ owners to scramble to get rid of evidence because they could face charges, though he would not say what those charges might be.

The previous day, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings voiced his displeasure that the city’s loose dog problem had been allowed to get so out of hand and insisted on more coordination between police and Dallas Animal Services.

“It’s just unacceptable for aggressive dogs to be threatening the lives of anybody in this city,” Rawlings said. “I am not only sad, but very unhappy.”

Public officials weighed in as 52-year-old Antoinette Brown lay bandaged in a hospital bed. Her family said she had been bitten more than 100 times and may not survive.
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Pack of dogs bit Dallas woman more than 100 times, mauled her like they were ‘eating a steak’

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Antoinette Brown

A pack of savage dogs mauled a woman in South Dallas this week, biting her more than 100 times and injuring her so badly that she may not survive.

On Saturday, that woman lay in a hospital bed, bandaged and unconscious, while the mayor of Dallas drove around the neighborhood where she was attacked to see for himself how the city’s loose-dog problem had snowballed into a loose-dog “crisis.”

“It’s just unacceptable for aggressive dogs to be threatening the lives of anybody in this city,” Mayor Mike Rawlings said Saturday. “I am not only sad, but very unhappy.”


She said her daughter remains hospitalized at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. It’s unclear if she will survive.

Antoinette Brown is in a medically induced coma. Bandages cover the places where the dogs peeled off her skin, exposing muscle and tendons. A doctor told her family that he stopped counting at 100 bite wounds.

Her mother can’t touch her for fear of spreading an infection.

“None of us is functioning right now,” said Barbara Brown, who is 73, with health problems of her own. “We’re just in limbo.”

She said her daughter does not work, but previously served in the Army and was a housekeeper at Parkland Memorial Hospital. She’s a mother and a grandmother.

She’s barely clinging to life because of one of the most gruesome dog attacks that Dallas has seen. But reports of dog bites are not uncommon, particularly in parts of southern Dallas where dogs regularly wander.

For example, less than 24 hours before she was mauled, a man in Oak Cliff told police that a pit bull charged at him so relentlessly that he tried to climb on a utility box to escape. When that didn’t work, he jumped into the bed of a truck. Even then, he suffered injuries, police noted, with visible scratching and swelling on his calf.

Rawlings said the city must improve coordination between police and Dallas Animal Services.

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911 Calls: Antoinette Brown Begged ‘Somebody Help Me’ While Pack of Dogs Fatally Attacked Her

NBC 5 Dallas – Published at 2:29 PM CDT on Jun 7, 2016 | Updated at 6:27 PM CDT on Jun 7, 2016

Distressed neighbors who called to report a woman being attacked by dogs in South Dallas last month had to listen for minutes while the woman screamed and the pack ripped her apart, according to 911 calls released to The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday.

The recordings shed light on the excruciating attack that killed 52-year-old Antoinette Brown on May 2. Her family said she was bitten more than 100 times by dogs who devoured her as if they were “eating a steak.”

Woman Mauled By Pack Of Dogs Dies

DALLAS (CBS11) – Mauled by a pack of dogs in southeast Dallas, Antoinette Brown, 52, passed away on Monday after a week-long battle for her life according to her son.

Investigators said Brown was discovered in a field along the 3300 block of Rutledge Street.

Brown remained hospitalized for a week but never regained consciousness.

“That’s a shame right there. She just stayed right down the way and they just caught here at the wrong time,” said Ollie Morgan, a neighbor who knew the victim. “People couldn’t help her because once the walked over, the dogs turned on them. It’s just a bad way to go.”

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2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Vicious Dog Mauling in Southern Dallas reports

The Breeds of Dogs Seized

On May 6, when DAS seized six dogs belonging to Cardoso, page 72 shows the involved breeds crammed into a tiny area of a citation for failing to spay or neuter: shepherd-mix, male (black and brown), doberman-mix, female (black and brown), pit bull-mix, male (black), pit bull-mix, male (black and brown), rottweiler-mix, male (black and brown) and pit bull, female (brown and white). On May 7, DAS writes a citation for a seventh dog owned by Cardoso, a brown female pit bull-mix.

What is also known about the attacking dogs to date, thanks to the June 10 update by Dallas Morning News columnist Sharon Grigsby, is that the dogs were quarantined for 10 days, assessed unadoptable and euthanized. The DNA tests are still being analyzed at the Southwest Institute of Forensics Science. Results were anticipated to take about eight weeks, so we expect news in July. When results are complete police will determine if a criminal case can be made against Cardoso.

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DNA tests come back negative for euthanized dogs suspected of killing Antoinette Brown

Profile image for Sarah Mervosh – Sarah Mervosh, Breaking News Enterprise reporter

No criminal charges will be filed in the mauling death of Antoinette Brown after forensic tests failed to establish a link between her injuries and the dogs suspected of attacking her, Dallas police announced Monday.

Police plan to close the case after separate forensic analyses came back negative, meaning authorities cannot say for sure whether the dogs they seized and euthanized were the ones that attacked Brown.

They had been pursuing the case as an “attack by dog,” in which a dog’s owner can be held criminally responsible if a dog makes an unprovoked attack that kills or seriously injures someone. It’s a second-degree felony if the attack causes death.

Brown, a 52-year-old homeless veteran, was attacked May 2. She begged for help while a pack of dogs descended upon her in a South Dallas field, tearing away large chunks of flesh and leaving bone exposed. Her family said she was bitten so many times that the doctor stopped counting at 100 bites.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The ‘bull and terrier’ type was originally developed in England in the early 19th century. The lineage goes back to the mastiff / molosser types, including what we now call the Olde English Bulldogge, that were used for bear-, bull- and horse-baiting from the 12ththrough the 18th century. This isn’t the bear-baiting we think of today, when hunters feed bears in order to bring them out in the open to shoot them. Rather, the bear, bull or horse was confined in a public arena where the mastiff ‘bulldogs’ would slowly tear them apart alive for the public’s amusement1,2,3,4,5.

The popularity of this ‘sport’ declined as education became more emphasized in urban society of the Industrial Revolution and literacy among the population grew (from about 30% in the 17th century to 62% by 1800)6.  The ‘sport’ was banned altogether by Act of Parliament in 1835.

The lovers of blood ‘sports’ turned to dogfighting to satisfy their fancy, breeding the large, mastiff-type bulldogs to smaller working terriers to get dogs both smaller and more agile, easier to keep and to hide, but just as willing to attack and fight to the death. With the rise of the kennel clubs and the desire to distinguish dogs by looks and pedigree as well as by performance, this ‘bull and terrier’ type eventually divided into many official breeds. They all share the same ancestry and function, distinguishing themselves mostly by slight differences in appearance.

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This is a list of dog breeds that have a history of being potentially dangerous to people, especially children. Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education and Awareness understands that any dog has the ability to bite or inflict serious harm to humans. This list consists of several dog breeds that have a higher than average number of recorded human fatalities. Please use extreme caution if you choose to bring one of these breeds into your home. Rental communities and homeowners insurance may restrict many of the dog breeds on this list due to the likelihood of a serious incident.

Pit Bulls, Mastiff, and Rottweiler lead in fatalities and are listed first. The rest of the breeds are listed in alphabetical order:

Pit Bull Terrier Family





Alaskan Malamute

Chow Chow

Doberman Pinscher

German Shepherd

Shar Pei

Siberian Husky

Wolf Hybrid

Tyler Trammell-Huston (9) – Linda, CA – Killed By Sister’s 3 Pit Bulls After She Left Him Alone With The Dogs (1/3/16)


Payton Sawyers (1) – Independence, VA – Killed By Pit Bull-Mix While Under Care Of Babysitters (1/8/16)


Talen Nathan West (7) – Lumberton, NC – Killed By Neighbor’s Pit Bull While Playing In The Woods With His Brother (1/24/16)


Aiden Grim-Morelli (3 days) – Youngstown, OH – Killed By Family “Mix-breed Shepherd” When Left In A Laundry Basket (2/8/16)


Suzanne Story (36) – Hertford, NC – Killed By A Pit Bull-Mix She Adopted 2 Weeks Earlier (2/10/16)


Gladys Alexander (92) – Olympia, WA – Killed By Her Neighbor’s 4 Pit Bull-Mixes While Delivering Newspaper (3/8/16)


Bessie Flowers (86) – Charlotte, NC – Killed By Her Daughter’s 2 Pit Bulls While Visiting (3/28/16)


Sonda Dyan Tyson (66) – Leesburg, FL – Killed By Her Own Pit Bull-Bullmastiff mix (3/31/16)


Valente Lopez Aguirre (58) – Fresno County, CA – Killed By Pack Of Dogs (4/14/16)


Sebastian Caban (3 days) – San Diego, CA – Killed By The Family Pit Bull-Mix While Lying In Bed With His Parents (4/21/16)


Manuel Mejia (49) – Homestead, FL – Killed By 1 Pit Bull Type & 9 Belgian Malinois-Bulldog Mixes While Farming (4/24/16)


Adonis Reddick (45) – St. Louis County, MO – Killed By His Own Pit Bull (5/9/16)


Antoinette Brown (52) – Dallas, TX – Killed By A Pack Of 4 Pit Bull-Mixes, Rottweiler, Shepherd & Doberman-Mixes (5/9/16)


Earl Stephens Jr. (43) – Stockton, CA – Killed By 3 Pit Bulls While Visiting A Friend – (6/4/16)


Hunter Bragg (7) – Corinna, ME – Killed By A Pit Bull While Playing In Father’s Yard (6/4/16)


Erin McCleskey (36) – Manor, TX – Killed By Pack Of Dogs While Serving Papers (6/15/16)


Jocelyn Winfrey (53) – New Haven, CT – Killed By 2 Pit Bull Type Dogs While Visiting Friend (6/27/16)


Susie Kirby (3-days) – Fresno, CA – Killed By The Family’s 2 Pit Bull/Shar Pei Mixes (6/27/16)


Kayden Begay (3) – Navajo Nation Reservation, AZ – Killed By The Neighbor’s 5 Pit Bulls (7/14/16)


Elizabeth Rivera (71) – Detroit, MI – Killed By Her Daughter’s 4 Pit Bulls (7/16/16)


Crisencio Aliado (52) – Honolulu, HI – Killed By 2 Loose Pit Bull-Mixes (7/29/16)


Michelle Wilcox (30) – Screven County, Georgia – Killed By Her Boyfriend’s Pit Bull While Visiting (8/1/16)


Derion Stevenson (9) – Las Vegas, NV – Killed By Pit Bull-Mix While Visiting Friend (8/17/16)


Michael Downing (83) – Jacksonville, FL – Killed By Rottweiler & 3 Mixed-Breeds While Taking Out Trash (8/19/16)


Susan Shawl (60) – Conifer, CO – Killed By Her Son’s 2 Family Pit Bulls (8/29/16)


Baby Jane Doe (6-days) – College Station, TX – Killed By Breed Unknown (9/1/16)


Piper Dunbar (2) – Topeka, KS – Killed By Family Friend’s 2 Pit Bulls (9/24/16)


Kiyana McNeal (4) – Sherman Township, MI – Killed By A Doberman-Mix Within An Hour Of Adopting (10/23/16)


Daisie Bradshaw (68) – New York City, NY – Killed By Her Daughter’s 2 Pit Bull-Mixes (10/25/16)


Isaiah Jacob Franklin (6) – Huntington, WV – Killed By The Family Pit Bull (12/2/16)


David Fear (64) – Grover Beach, CA – Killed By Neighbor’s Police K9 (12/16/16)